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Doctor Spine is a Horror/Comedy film styled after the old E.C. Horror Comics that published in the 1940's and '50's. John Wesley Norton, the film's writer and director has been a comic book fan for as long as he can remember and loves the way stories can be told with composition and strong images. Doctor Spine has been a pet project of his for several years, toiling away in dark spaces creating the look and feel of the film.

The assembled cast understood the kind of film they were making and their interpretation of their roles were spot on. Larry Thomas, Joe Estevez, Reggie Bannister, Tiffany Shepis, Judy Tenuta, Lisa Loring, Kathy Garver and Xango Henry all made the trip from the West Coast to Chicagoland for filming and enjoyed the Midwest's hospitality and wacky weather. 

This film also included some of Chicago's top talent included the Doctor Spine himself, Michael Wexler, Jen Torchia, Kris Desautels, James Vallo, Cyn Dulay, Randy Benzie and many more. Everyone involved came to set with their game faces on made the film both fun to watch and to make!